The Heart

The three shirt designs I chose to start with are a few that are the most relevant to my story. I wanted to make sure that I chose icons and phrases that may seem obvious at a glance, but at the same time be broad enough to encompass different meanings to different people.

The heart represents exactly what you would think it would. If it wasn’t for the love of the ones I surrounded myself with and the faith I have I would never have made it through my darkest and most difficult times. If it wasn’t for my unconditional love and devotion to Jack, and my unwavering perseverance, it’s doubtful I would have survived year after year of court proceedings for him to receive an appropriate education. I didn’t know I needed the balance and love Carter and Scarlett provided until I had them. I would have never continued without the love and support of my husband, Chris. My mom was my rock. I still have all the Bible verses she either told me to write down or wrote down for me. When I look back to those times I am thankful most for the love I had.