About the shirts:

  • What does it mean when the color of the shirt says it is “heathered”?

  • When a shirt color is “heathered”, it typically refers to interweaving yarns of different colors to produce a shirt that has flecks of alternate colors to give it somewhat of a vintage look. Most of the time, multiple shades of grey are mixed together or in the case of some of our shirts grey mixed with the primary color to produce a somewhat muted shade. For example, our Midnight Navy Heather is a dark navy interwoven with grey to produce a muted shade of navy blue.

    Sometimes you can also mix two bright colors together for the same effect.

  • What is “shoulder to shoulder taping”?

  • Shoulder to shoulder taping on a t-shirt are when the shoulder and neck seams are covered by tape or binding. This provides extra endurance and durability to these stress points of the shirt. A classic sign of a high-quality t-shirt.

  • Are your shirts long and boxy since they have unisex sizing?

  • No! They are all side seamed which give the shirts a more tailored feel. Tubular shirts are often one of the culprits for making shirts less fitted and boxy.

  • Do you make shirt sizes larger the 2XL?

  • At this time, I do not offer sizes larger than double extra-large simply because I have not had as many requests for those sizes. However, if you are interested in a particular style and need a larger size than what is offered, I am more than happy to have one made for you with the next print cycle from your request. Please email info@thewhenlife.com for more information.

    As more people request these sizes, they will become part of our collections.

  • Are your white shirts see-through?

  • No! This was one of the most important factors to me when researching the “perfect” white t-shirt. I personally sampled more than a dozen shirts before I fell in love with this white t-shirt. Between the 60/40 blend and the sueded jersey this is a shirt you are going to fall in love with!

  • What type of ink is used in the making of the shirts?

  • Water based inks are used in the making of my t-shirts to provide you with a thinner, softer print with a vintage feel to it. The ink is integrated into the fabric as opposed to sitting on top of it which often leaves you with a thick, bulky print. Water-based inks are also environmentally friendly.

    About the stories:

  • Can I submit funny or embarrassing stories or just more serious ones?

  • Of course! Please send the funny and embarrassing stories! Those stories are most welcome and to me always the most fun to share. Though When Life started off being built on those huge life changing moments trust me when I say I have lots of funny AND embarrassing stories to share with you too. No matter the type of story you submit, please refrain from foul language.

  • What do you do with our stories once they are submitted?

  • First, I want to Thank You for submitting or even considering submitting a story to When Life. All stories will be treated with respect.  Please refrain from using foul language in your writings. Customers stories will be used in a variety of ways. Obviously, the number one reason to share a story is to connect with others. I think it is important for people to feel like they aren’t alone in the experiences they have whether good or bad. To see someone who has walked the same path and came out all right in the end is comforting. To know that your child isn’t the only one who has stood up in class to show everyone his “front butt” makes you feel a little better about yourself as a parent. There is absolutely no Instagram perfection here!

    Sometimes the stories may be used in promotions or advertisements. There will also be contests at times for the best story that week linked to a chosen hashtag in which the winner will receive a When Life gift. 

    Not all submitted stories will be published. All stories will be reviewed and once it has been determined that the story covers a topic that would resonate well with our audience, you will be contacted with a publication date. When Life reserves the right to refuse to publish a submitted story.

    Always, before submitting a story read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.