House Rules

I am honored to have you share your life stories with me. It is my hope and really my expectation that my customers feel like they are free to write what’s on their heart, no matter whether it is a funny story or a moving testimony. In the spirit of giving everyone a safe zone, all comments will be moderated.

  1. There will be no bullying or making fun of anyone. I have a pretty dry sense of humor and can be quite “smart” so I am cool with a lot of things but anyone who feels comfortable sharing a part of themselves with us should be given respect.
  2. Please for the love let’s not discuss politics!
  3. There will be no fat shaming, skinny shaming, bald shaming, career shaming, race shaming, face shaming, parent shaming, no shaming when you find out those Instagram moms aren’t making their own jam and scones, no shaming when people post pics of themselves doing nothing active in their active wear, NO shaming at all unless it is clearly in jest. We are here to encourage each other and have fun. No one needs to be coming here to only walk away feeling bad about themselves. Those types of comments toward my customers will absolutely not be tolerated.
  4. This rule includes me, let’s all just watch our language. Sometimes, it’s most definitely called for but overall let’s at least try and keep it PG13ish.
  5. Not all submitted stories will be published. All stories will be reviewed and once it has been determined that the story covers a topic that would resonate well with our audience, you will be contacted with a publication date. When Life reserves the right to refuse to publish a submitted story.
  6. Share your story and have fun!