When Life Wake Up Call

I have been through a lot in my life.

As a child I was very introverted in school. This led to me being bullied from first grade until senior year. It was so bad I refused to go to school many days. It got so bad that in senior year I was taking 3 gym classes. Finally, at 16 I had enough and dropped out. I was done. But when I was 17 I studied and got my GED.

Fast forward to when I was 19 I got a job with state government...not bad for a high school drop-out. I am still working for the state today. My guidance counselor in high school said I wouldn't keep a job because I wouldn't go to work. Rude right?

At 24 I lost my father to cancer. Damned cancer!! I was furious I lost my dad to an awful disease. I still wonder till this day what he would think of me as we had rocky relationship.

A year later I met a man who I thought was the man of my dreams. We married in 94 and had 2 children in 95 and 99. After the kids it really got worse. He was very verbally and emotionally abusive. I stood in this nightmare a total of 13 years. Even my children were emotionally abused. Shame on me for staying. He ended up cheating on me and got another woman pregnant and yup he left me. Blessing in disguise. Yes, I said it. I'm better off. We all have nothing to do with him because he is an awful man.

But I survived.

After that though I went through a bad phase drinking heavily but in the interim met my now husband. In 2012 I hit rock bottom with drinking and woke up one day after an awful fight with my now husband. I decided from that moment that I needed to quit drinking. He joined me on the journey. We have both been sober ever since. Is this a long story...yes. This is the edited version too!

I'm now battling some situational depression but trying to share positivity to people to help them and myself.

Hopefully things again will clear up and I can be powerful and add to my story....


Submitted by: Paulette


 Paulette, you are so brave for sharing your story and it sounds like you are on the right path with the supportive people you need. 

I commend you for walking away from an abusive situation. Whether you were in it for 13 minutes or 13 years, you can rejoice in the fact that you were brave and strong enough to walk away. I am so sorry that you and your babies had to endure that. Home is your safe zone; or it should be. You are an awesome Mom! 

I am reading that you are still struggling with some depression to this today. I pray for continual healing in your life. Remember, we are only human. It is okay to seek and ask for help (I know I have had to do it); and it is okay to NOT be okay. You are POWERFUL! Always remember that.  


Much love to you,




To Erin!!!! Thank you and congrats on your 9 years of sobriety! You too are a true warrior!!!!


To Michelle Lee!!! Thank you my dear!!! I’m so honored to know that I helped you discuss your own addiction and how you overcame it. I’m so blessed to have met you and i admire your strength and courage

Erin Conners

You are a true survivor!!!! I’ve walked down a dark path and came out on the other side & commend you for sharing your journey! At 9 years sober I am happier now than I’ve ever been. Keep fighting the good fight :) You should feel proud!!!!


Michele Lee

Paulette, you are an amazing woman! We have been friends on Facebook for awhile now and it is because of you I was able to publicly talk about my addiction to pain pills after back surgery. Up until I seen your story in a group we were in only really close family had known. But, now I share my story with everyone!! Because of you and your story I was no longer afraid of what people would think!! You are AMAZING!!! LOVE YA!!

When Life

You are so brave to share your story and I am SO proud of you! You are a survivor! I support your decision to seek help for your depression and think that it takes someone very strong to decide that they should possibly seek support. You are an inspiration and I am so happy we found one another. ~ Melinda

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