When Life - Top 10 Most Memorable Christmas Presents

In keeping with all things Christmas, this post is dedicated to my most favorite (and memorable gifts) I have ever received from family, friends, and Santa himself.

Most of these are fond memories from my childhood, but I will say, that close towards the end of my marriage with my ex, his gift giving "skills" were less than admirable. Maybe this was a sign of what was to come? Who knows! It makes for an awesome story now though, so thanks for that!

Let's jump right on in to this list, shall we!?


  1. Any personalized Bible or devotion that my parents or grandparents gave me, especially if they wrote a little something in it. I love books! I love collecting books, although here lately, that love has been pushed way down and replaced with all things Kindle. However, growing up, not many Christmas's would pass without me receiving either a Bible or a yearly devotional from my mom or grandmother. Those gifts are so special to me. To this day, I have every single one I have been given. After my grandfather passed, my grandmother gifted me with several of his devotionals, journals, and Bibles. There is something about seeing someone's handwriting on that very first page that gives me all the feels.


  1. Fashion plates! Can I tell you that I thought I was the future Diane Von Furstenberg with these things! First off, they were all shades of pink (most important feature). You picked out your head, your torso, and then your bottoms, which included everything from bellbottom type pants to skirts. Once you laid your plates on the board, you slid a piece of paper over it, and then "shaded it" with colored pencils. Ya'll this was THE best gift ever back in the day! (Photo source unknown).



  1. Blue glittered seatbelt belt. Yes, you read that correctly. I got it from Parisian's. Anyone remember that store? It was the place to go in one of our local malls for some of the most beautiful clothes. It also was known to stay on top of the hottest trends too, and this fell right smack into the 90's grunge period that I got all up into. I had to save up my Christmas money for this one, but it was so worth it. It was a rubbery blue glitter belt that fastened with a seat belt clasp. I was seriously the coolest! Wore it with my JNCO jeans and my burgundy Dr. Martens!


  1. A brightly colored Alfred Dunner track suit. Wait what?? Yes. Do you remember the Juicy Couture sweats that said "Juicy" on the butt? I wanted some so bad! At this point in time, I was married, but only in my midtwenties and going through a major Jessica Simpson phase. Even though I really wanted them, I was always in scrubs, so I hated to spend the money on them. I told my ex hoping I would find some under the tree that year. Instead, I got this bright floral type print polyester track suit that my grandmother would have loved to have borrowed. This absolutely went right on back to the store. This was one of the last pieces of clothing he ever bought me.


  1. Gerber Baby doll. Santa brought me this doll when I was around 2 or 3 years old. She had the really hard plastic head, hands, and feet, with a soft, blue gingham body. It was love at first sight and I named her "Big Baby," because frankly she was a big baby compared to my other dolls. I took her everywhere and had her for so many years. Her poor beat up body split apart so many times, so needless to say, she had been to "surgery" more times than I could count. I don't really remember if I just outgrew her, or if she ended up being given away after one of her eyes fell out in addition to the multiple sewing jobs she had endured. She was by far one of the most memorable dolls for me growing up, besides the My Little Buddy doll my sister got for Christmas that looked like Chucky. (Photo source unknown).



  1. Barbie Townhouse with an elevator. I thought I was hot stuff with this gift. Now, I will say, this Christmas was a tight one and I am pretty sure that may have been the only toy I received from Santa, but it was all I wanted anyways! It had 3 cardboard levels of amazingness with a white plastic elevator that I am pretty sure broke 2 weeks in. Back then, girls played with Barbie's for much longer than they do now. I'm pretty sure I got this house when I was like 5 or 6, and had it for years after that. All I knew was that whenever I got to be like 16 like Barbie, I was definitely getting my dream job and a house like this!



  1. A BONJOUR sweatshirt (photo taken from RetroCalifornia Etsy Shop). I loved this sweatshirt! Most of the time my dads mother (my Grandma) would take me and my siblings to pick out the clothes that we wanted for Christmas, or at least point them out to her, and she would go back later and get them as gifts. I am almost positive she got this at a department store called, Yielding's. Does anyone remember that one too? The biggest thing I remember about that store is my constant lusting over all the Guess jeans they had. I so wanted a triangle on my butt!



  1. Cabbage Patch Kid baby doll and Cabbage Patch Kid big wheel. This did not happen on the same Christmas, but, like all other 80s kids, I was so into these dolls! They were just so legit! Birth certificate, a signed butt, a name already, these cute little belly buttons... I loved my doll so much that eventually my grandmother tried her hand at making some of her own. These look alike dolls were much bigger and little frightening looking, but we loved them all the same. The big wheel was just the icing on the cake the Christmas I received that. Now, I could transport my little babies in style all over the back yard!



  1. My Momma and baby birds on a branch necklace. I found this necklace on Esty years ago when Chris and I first got together. It was so cute. A momma bird and her baby nestled together on a little tree branch. Chris surprised me with it for Christmas one year. I did not think that this was something I would get because it would involve him actually having to create an Etsy account and go through the process of doing a special order. You know all the things most men aren't that keen on doing. When Carter was born he surprised me once again by having it sent in and having a second baby bird added. He did the same thing for Scarlett as well. While this isn't the most extravagant piece of jewelry, it has more meaning to me than any other piece other than my wedding ring. Not only does it symbolize all our little "birdies," but when I look at it, I still can't believe he went to all the trouble of sending it back and forth to have it customized. It is by far, one of the most special gifts he has ever given me.



Drumroll please!!!!

  1. My number one most memorable gift is...men's 2-piece button down poly/cotton pajamas that were IDENTICAL to my granddaddy's PJs, in brown...yes, brown of all colors...AND the most gigantic navy men's velour robe I've ever laid eyes on. Here is the deal, I just wanted some really cute girly pajama/robe sets. I had seen several I loved at Victoria's Secret, and let's face it, one must assume that when your husband picks out things like that it's what he would WANT to see you in, right?? So, fast forward to Christmas morning, and I open this box, and see these things and I literally have no idea what to say. I immediately knew that they were from the men's department of whatever store they came from, so I looked them over and was like, "you know these are men's pajamas and stuff, right?" His response, "I looked and couldn't find the women's department, so I just went with these." Mmmmk. Those went back as well. With the Alfred Dunner tracksuit. I at least got a great story out of that Christmas, right?


There you have it, folks! My top ten most memorable Christmas presents ever! I hope that put a smile on your face and got you to thinking about what some of your most memorable presents have been. Were they funny, sweet and romantic, thoughtful, thoughtless...what makes them stand out to you?


I'd love to hear what they were! Share in the comments or on my Facebook or Instagram page!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!


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