When Life - The Soul'ful Series - An Open Letter to My Children's Rebel Souls

Dear Jack, Carter, and Scarlett,


This may sound strange coming from me, because as your mother, I tell you a thousand times a day to follow the rules. To mind Daddy and I, and to listen and obey your teachers. Right now, you think that this is all about being obedient and doing as you are told. To some degree it is, but in all honesty, it is about learning to be respectful. Sometimes respect comes in the form of following certain rules and guidelines. It may be that they are designed to keep you or others safe, it may be that they are in place to ensure fairness, or in a lot of cases they are the “rules” of society. While this is all important, there is something just as critical that you should know.



When you think of the definition of a “rebel,” your mind immediately goes to words like, resistant, defiant, and rebellious. I would dare say those words pretty much always get a bad rap. Especially when it comes to teaching you about right versus wrong, listening to your parents, and making good choices. There aren’t that many parents who are eager and excited to raise a “rebel.”

But it’s ironic though…because did you know that when you look up rebel, you also find words like fighter, unorthodox, revolutionary, to rise up, to take on, and to go up against? Now, that sounds like the men and women I want to raise and support.



When I think of my rebel soul, I think back to when I had to respectfully disagree and fight for your rights, Jack. I think to when everyone thought that I would never make it after I left my nursing career, but I worked night and day building a brand that is unlike any other. A brand that doesn’t even make sense to most people on the surface. People told me I was crazy for trying to create something so “vague.” I think back to times where I had to stand up for my patients and co-workers even when that meant it left me quite unpopular with my superiors. Could I have done some of those things better? Sure. Do I regret any of it? No. Why? Because inside of me, there lies a rebel that when needed will fight, advocate, think outside the box, defy the odds, protest, and campaign (yes, all synonyms of the word rebel) when I think something isn’t right. I want you to “respectfully” learn to harness your rebel soul.

It’s a hard thing to do, and I even struggle with this still. To respectfully step out and go against something that is the “popular” thing to do. To stand up for what you believe in, even when people think you’re nuts. To advocate for those who can’t stand up for themselves, or a cause you feel strongly about. I am here to tell you firsthand that it can sometimes be difficult to do these things and be respectful of others.



I believe it is the rebel souls that make great changes in this world. They push the envelope. They ask questions. They want change. They also want to understand change. I see this in each and every one of you. I see your determination in all things. I hear your questions (your never-ending questions). I see your fighting spirits. I also see your innocence and your quest to find yourself in this big world. I wish you could always stay this innocent, but unfortunately people and situations will break your heart. You can not let it break your spirit.

This is where your Dad and I come in.

When you find yourself in a situation where you feel like something isn’t right…someone isn’t being treated fairly…you’re being ridiculed for your beliefs…because you are different…or because you made an unpopular decision, that is when you need to be able to look within and find your inner rebel soul. I want you to remember all the “rules,” and “guidelines” Daddy and I taught you, and are teaching you each day, so that when you do need to be a “rebel” you can do so in the most respectful and civil way. You can make big waves and changes and still be humble. You can stand your ground and be polite. You can fight for your beliefs and advocate for your rights and freedoms, yet remain considerate and courteous. Your words have more power than you realize right now. Choose them carefully and use them wisely. But use them.

Your Dad and I, are your tribe. We are the ones that are ultimately responsible for ensuring you know how to harness and use each facet of your soul. Some may disagree with that, but I feel it is my responsibility to help you explore and cultivate your spiritual soul. To encourage and support your warrior soul. And teach you how to control, but use your rebel soul.



You have more power than you understand. You’re young right now, so power looks like Batman or Spider-Man. It doesn’t look like a young man or woman from a small town. It doesn’t look like you. Trust me when I say this…when you have your spiritual soul as your foundation, your warrior soul at the ready, and you understand the potential of your rebel soul; there is absolutely nothing in this world you can’t do.

Always use your words and power for good.





As always, thank you to Lucky Soul USA for the inspiration behind The Soul'ful Series. 


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