When Life Takes A Turn For The Better

When I first starting reading this story, I had no idea just whose life I had the privilege of taking a peek into. The name Swanky Explorers jumped right off the page at me! Here I am liking and following this business owner, giving her little hearts on Instagram for her beautiful pics from around the world, and now here she is sharing her inspiring story. How amazing is it when you are able to put a real face and real emotions behind the "why" of someone's business. To me, this just makes me want to reach out and support this strong woman and all her endeavors. Thank you Swanky Explorers for sharing your story with me. I wish you nothing but the best in all that you do.



When life gives you lemons...create new business ventures!

With that being said, I've dealt with tragedies, break-ups, loss of friendships, dead end jobs, economic hardships, and multiple relocations.

This time last year I was engaged to who I thought was "the one." Probably living a double life. Who knows. We had the date set, venue chosen, vendors and hotels reserved, and dress purchased. He decides to call off our wedding and end things with me via text message as he slowly removed his belongings from our apartment while I was at work every day. I want to share this with you because I have found true meaning in my life.

Not all breakups mean it is the end of the world. Take 1-2 months to yourself, join a gym, create a business venture, get back in the dating world, and buy a puppy. When I say, "yourself" I mean crying every single minute of the day. Let it out. It does hurt. I did, and I feel so much better about life. Especially, how I can collaborate with business owners in marketing their products through my subscription box, gives me the best feeling in the world. No future relationship can take that away from me.

Swanky Explorers mission is to promote and support local businesses in each city that we visit. To make consumers aware of these wonderful artisan products from small businesses located in each city around the world. In this day and age, we all have busy and demanding lives. Therefore, we prefer to have items that we need or want delivered directly to us. Not only does it save us time, it allows us to use that time on ourselves. Unfortunately, that time may not be enough to allow you to travel like you would like. Swanky Explorers works hard to find the most unique artisan goods for each city as well as surprise items that you can use on a daily or weekly basis. You can think of your monthly subscription box as a gift that is just for you! After all, you deserve the best after working 40+ hours each week and never asking for much. This is the perfect way to reward yourself with little indulgences, as well as adventures and travels from the comfort of your own home.


Submitted By: Sumintra Williams

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