When Life - Remembering Kya

I’m a single mom, once married.

I was raped and got pregnant by him. My husband didn’t want to keep that child and I did, therefore I got a divorce.

My child is amazing and is my mini me.

For 5 years I didn’t date. I was untrusting of course. Then coronavirus hit.

I was working 99 hours a week, with my “work husband”, and we spent an hour before and after work together for some normalcy. I ended up pregnant, and so happy.

Then..the bad news.

I lost my baby. 4/13 to 6/15, DNC. She didn’t have a heartbeat, but she was there.



We named her Kya from our favorite book, Where the Crawdads Sing, because of the quote “nature had protected her when no one else would”.

Nature must’ve known that God needed her more than I did.

I wanted to share this story to remember my beautiful baby, Kya Rose McCugh.


Submitted by: Jenny

Thank you Jenny for sharing your story about sweet Kya. I pray for peace and healing for you in the days to come.


Love and lemons,


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So sorry this happened to you. No one deserves this. The right man will come along and give you another child. Seeing a therapist will help with all that you’ve suffered. Take it from my experience.

RIP sweet Kya

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