When Life Reigns Down

I used to love a Summer storm.

You wouldn’t know that about me.

The way it would roll in uninvited. Settling the dust and making things clean again.

The air warm and the endless day slowly turning into dusk.

The rain never lasted long, but it was so refreshing for the time that it was here.

After you, I don’t see the storms quite the same.

I hate the rain and the way that in shows up unexpectedly without my permission.

I never noticed until after you how it seems to stir up the Earth.

How the air is so stifling and thick that I can’t breathe.

It’s one thing to feel as though someone takes your breath away.

It’s a completely different story to feel as though you are choking.

Like the rain, we did not last long.

And I can’t say that it was restoring like a much-needed downpour.

But as I see the storm rolling in, I ask myself, “I wonder if he believes the way I do?”

Because I see myself reigning down on him like the tempest that I am.

Submitted by: Anonymous 

I'd like to imagine that submitting a story anonymously is so freeing. That something that has been weighing heavy on your heart has been put out there and finally off your chest.

It doesn't matter that your name isn't on it...what matters is you've set it free. That YOU know you've set it free.

What a beautiful, yet emotional passage, you've written. I am so proud to have had the honor of helping you share your story.

My prayers to the one that broke your heart. It sounds like he's going to need them.



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