When Life - Only Skin Deep

Today I will be sharing my story about a battle I had with a lie Satan made me believe.

When I was 16 years old, I noticed a dry patch of skin along the hairline of my forehead. I tried using extra moisturizer, but the patch didn't go away. Shortly after, I began getting more patches along my hairline and behind my ears. After it began to spread my Mom took me to the dermatologist where I was diagnosed with Psoriasis. Psoriasis is an incurable skin disease that effects only 2% of the population.

Having psoriasis does come with its struggles. Sometimes the battle is physical, like when I get stressed out and each spot becomes inflamed and burns at the touch of anything. My biggest battle though, was mentally. Never in my whole life have I had a person tell me that my skin was ugly. The only one to tell me my skin was ugly was Satan. He found my weak spot and let it take over.



Literally for years every time I looked in the mirror, I felt ugly because of my blemished skin. It effected how I felt, the way I dressed, and the activities I did. I never shared with anyone just how ugly I felt and how bad my struggle truly was. This battle was only between God, Satan, and me.

Throughout this time, I tried several things to make me feel better like tanning, clever fashion choices, and makeup. At one point I felt if I just worked out a lot and ate really well, I would have a "perfect" body and then finally I would feel good about how I looked. So, I did. I worked out for hours a day. I had absolutely no sugar, no fast food, and way too many protein shakes. I was lean with the right amount of muscle in all the right places, but guess what?

It didn't work I still felt ugly.

This battle went on for more years to come. Then one day I looked in the mirror and God revealed to me that I was so much more than psoriasis!

That I am a perfectly made child of God. That is who I am!

Psoriasis... that is just a part of who I am... and a small part of who I am. When I finally let God win and not Satan, I felt free. I felt like 100 pounds had been lifted away from me. Finally, I felt beautiful. It wasn't because of any physical changes. What changed was I was finally seeing myself the way God sees me.

The freedom I felt after surrendering this to God is not where God’s planned stopped. Looking back at over 10 years now it is incredible to see how creative and how amazing God’s plans are. God not only helped me to see myself as He sees me, but the weakness Satan used to make me feel ugly, God turned it around to be used for glory to His kingdom.

I am now thankful for my psoriasis.

God has placed me in the "severe" category of psoriasis. Because there are patches on so much of my skin it is very noticeable and comes up in conversation A LOT! My skin, my once called weakness is now my most used opportunity to share God’s love and how perfect He is. I want to tell everyone God doesn't make mistakes. You are perfect! If Satan is telling you a lie do not listen! Open your Bible and see what God says about you. Physical changes won't make you feel beautiful. They might and I repeat MIGHT make you feel pretty, but the only way to feel beautiful is seeing yourself the way God sees you.

Submitted by: Katie

This story touched me so much because my daughter struggles with severe eczema. And although she is young and it has never crossed her mind to be insecure about it, I always worry about it as she gets older. Her father and I tell her she is beautiful all the time and we never make a huge issue when she has a severe flare up, but I can't help but think about whether it will affect her self-esteem later in life. I hope that I can teach her the strength and resiliency you have found through Christ. You are such an inspiration to those who struggle with self-confidence.

Katie and I met online through Instagram and she honestly has been such a joy to follow and such a blessing to know. She owns Rustic Bliss Boutique which is an online jewelry and accessory boutique with the cutest faith based jewelry with a boho vibe! I hope you can check it out. 

Thank you Katie for being brave and sharing your story.

With love and lemons,

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