When Life - Nevertheless We Persist

Life takes us down so many paths. Paths we didn’t know we would even travel.

When my son was first diagnosed with Autism, I met a friend who shared with me information about a book, “Welcome to Holland.” In the story, travel plans are completely turned around and Holland is the destination. My friend was preparing me for this journey and I’m still thankful for her. My daughter was just a few months old and my son was almost four when he was diagnosed with Autism. It was a tough time and can still be.


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But I have learned to trust God more every day.

My kids are 18 and 14 now! It’s still a journey. I honestly struggle everyday to make sure I educate him (he’s homeschooled), spend some time with her, meet their needs, then go to work at night.

Autism affects everything and everyone in the family. We have great days and we have really really really hard days. But I’ll never lose hope.


One of Suzanne's favorite Bible verses.


I’ll always believe that the Lord has purpose for everyone and every event. I’ll continuously seek more to help him, and I’ll do anything I can to involve him in something to possibly help. I’ll always pray for my family and I’ll pull my daughter to the side and remind her how I know this must be hard on her, but I’m so very proud that she has Faith in the Lord and so much love in her heart.

Because we can’t give up. We can have a bad day, but we keep going.

My help comes from the Lord. Nevertheless, we will keep persisting.

Submitted by: Suzanne Hinton

Thank you Suzanne for sharing your story. You hit the nail on the head when you said there are really great days and really really difficult ones. No matter what though there is nothing else to do than keep trusting God, supporting and loving out special kiddos, and persisting. You are doing an awesome job Momma!


Love and lemons,



Melanie Haver

Sweet Suzanne. So blessed we crossed paths years ago. Love reading about your journey.

Ann Bradford

You grew from a sweet little girl to an amazing woman and you are a strong, wonderful mama. I pray for you always. You have an encouraging spirit that uplifts and I am so proud to call you “niece”. Jerimiah 29:11

Melissa Jacobs


You are an inspiration to me to be the best advocate and mother I can be for my son. It has been a blessing for me to have someone who understands the struggles of being a parent of a special child. Thank you

Carol “Avery” New

Suzanne you are an amazing mom to both your precious babies!! They are so very blessed that God chose you to be their mom!! Your total and complete trust in our LORD gives you strength!!
I’m so honored to know you and have shared in Bradlee and Brynn’s life!! Love you all so very much!!

Aunt Tricia

Suzanne, when God made you, Darling. He threw away the pattern! You are one of His tools, and one we all love and admire! Always my love, Aunt Tricia

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