When Life Lets You Grow

My family is pretty straight laced. When I look back, I really should be in shock that my parents were okay with me up and moving to another state with no real plan. After a not so great relationship and plans of a future that when I think back to it were so completely absurd, it was going to be so good to get away and start fresh somewhere.

Now, I didn't exactly go without some kind of plan.

I got a job, it just wasn't one that my parents would be proud to brag about at dinner parties. I was in charge of holding the tail to a very famous cereal character. Yep. Characters from your favorite childhood cereals apparently make a lot of appearances, and this particular one had a tail that needed assistance.

I left that job not long after moving there and worked here and there to make ends meet. I made great friends and eventually got a roommate. The real question was why was I here?

I was always the more adventurous sibling. I loved living in the city. I also knew that I had ended a very bad relationship and it was time for me to find myself and if I got lucky someone else. Someone who would be better to me. And for me.

I honestly had a great time working at various places, but honestly, I didn't really have much direction in my life. I think that is what happens when you are in escape mode. You are just kind of living.

I am so grateful my parents allowed me to spread my wings and jump out of the nest without knowing how to fly 100%. I don't think parents let their kids do things like that anymore. Yes, it was very scary and I didn't really know what I was doing. There were times where I had flat tires or I ran out of gas and had no one to call for help. I once had to walk in the rain alone to get the gas that I needed. As a girl, well, let's just say that was a terrible "adventure." If it weren't for those times, I don't think I would have learned to be as independent as I am today. I was just enjoying life and having fun for once in a long time.



When I met the love of my life there, my world slowly began to shift and suddenly I had goals. I saw him, who was so different than the person I ran from, and wanted to be a better me. I went back to school and got my bachelors degree. I cheered him on as he set and reached goals for himself. We were each other's biggest fans. We got married and are building a house. We travel all over the world together. We have created a life for ourselves that I never dreamed possible.

If you are wondering what the point of this story is, it's to let parents know sometimes it is good for kids to experience the world and make their own mistakes. It makes for a stronger person to try and make it on their own and struggle. It was nice to find love and let it unfold naturally. I would have never had the life that I have now had I not made poor choices, be forced to learn from them, and be given the opportunity to grow on my own. Thank you Mom and Dad.

Let your kids spread their wings and grow.

Submitted by: I.B

I think this story probably hits home for a lot of parents. I know it did for me and my kids aren't even grown yet. The world is quite different now than it even was when I was a child. As a parent, I look back at all the things I was allowed to do and places I went by myself. Wow, how things have changed. It's going to be hard one day to let them go in this scary world. Will they be safe? Will they find a career they love? A spouse and have children? The list is endless for what we all want for our kids, but one thing remains...we have to let them spread their wings and fly. Just don't forget to give them lessons before they jump.


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I imagine telling any parent this would be a way to give them such a gift. A way to give them reassurance that they did the right thing by you. I encourage anyone who reads this to make the call and share the sentiment with a parent if this rings true for you.

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