When Life Lets Go

My grandmother says I was born responsible, and truly there's not a more accurate way to describe me.

I like getting things done, meeting deadlines, being on time. But, responsibility can be a burden. Early on in my life, perfection became my goal, and if I messed up in any way, it began an endless circle of a self-inflicted internal beating. You should have known better. Man, you really screwed up this time. That need to be perfect robbed so many joys and caused so much anxiety.

Over the years God has been slowly releasing my grip and unlocking the chains of perfection. He keeps reminding me that His grace and love are far greater than my mistakes. He proclaims the truth that there is nothing I can do to earn His love...or lose it. He's been showing me what true freedom and abundant life look like. He's helping me embrace a life of spontaneity rather than relying so much on calculated steps.

The logo shirt, with its tree so vibrant and full of fruit reflects what I want my heart to look like. I want a heart plugged in and rooted deep in Christ, one that allows His grace and blessings to fill me so I can pour then out on others. I want to be that tree. I am that tree. Vibrant. Full of life. Free. #thewhenlife

Submitted By: Jazmin

I think so many people, not just perfectionists, struggle with this. Maybe they have a passion they are pursuing, or their kids do something wrong or make poor choices, they don't get that dream job they wanted, etc., and in comes the self-inflicted "beating," like Jazmin describes. What should I have done differently, I didn't raise them like that, why isn't this customer/client/business calling me back; the list is endless. She's right though. All of that worry...what does it do? Can you worry yourself to raise "perfect" children, land that dream job, or have doors of opportunity open for you? Ummm, NO. Faith friend. Faith. You have to know at the end of the day, you are doing the best you can, you are making good choices, you are asking God to help direct you in the choices that you make, and that you have the Faith that God will help your children be responsible, open those doors for you, give you favor so you meet the right client, customer, or what have you. How freeing is it to know that all you have to do is pray, have faith, and do and go where the Lord directs you, and over time that little faith seed starts to grow into something amazing. Letting go really does afford you the opportunity to be spontaneous and enjoy life. It's time to really let go and let God...

Love, love, love,

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