When Life Is Restored

I bought both the #WhenLifeHope and the #WhenLifeLove shirts. I LOVE them!



The Anchor shirt represents to me that God is my anchor and to lean on him in hard times and the good times. 


Somewhere on the way I have lost my hope and didn't think I would ever get it back. I am glad to say that I have it back.


I have realized that I have not been listening to God's prompting to learn sign language and help others be able to communicate and not feel like they are not understood and they are heard.


I have a daughter who when she was younger had hearing problems along with other developmental delays. She was unable to communicate with us until a teacher from an early infant program opened up her world and ours to sign language so that we could communicate with each other. This opened up so many doors for us. It made the biggest difference in our lives. That is why I want to help people like my daughter and others who need help.


I am proud to say that my daughter still uses some of the sign language she learned when she was younger. She has no delays now and has grown into a beautiful young woman. God has brought up this dream of mine that has been buried for years. I put my dreams and hopes on hold so others could fulfill their dreams. That is my giving spirit. I cheered them on and put my dreams on hold. God is giving me my dreams and hope back to me saying now is your time to pursue your dream that I gave you. My hope has been renewed and I am grateful and humbled by his grace and mercy.



The other shirt I received was the Love shirt which represents to me that I am loved by God and that I am his cherished child.


I am not worthless, unworthy, unlovable or unwanted. 


He reminds me every day that to him I am worthy, I am worthy, unconditionally loved and I am so wanted by God. He sheds his grace and mercy with me every day. I was always picked on as a child and never felt like I belonged anywhere. I have carried this hurt with me my whole life. I have prayed to God to heal the past pain I have be through. I can say that God is working me every day and I am becoming a new person who God shares his light and an unending love that goes beyond measure. God Is blessing me every day. God is good!


Submitted By: Michele Frank



This story really hit home for me on so many levels. For one, I can understand that feeling of hopelessness as a parent. I understand when Michele touches on putting her dreams to the back burner, but yet as a parent, you do it without even thinking twice about it. Michele, you are an amazing Mother. Your daughter is so blessed to have had you in her corner as her voice and advocate when she needed it. How amazing is it how far she has come! 

You are loved, wanted, cherished, and worthy! Always remember that. Do not let that past pain define you. Repeat. Do not allow your past hurt to define and dictate the future of your happiness. Whether it is by praying, crying, writing it out, screaming it out..get it out, because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

You always have a place here.


Much love,


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