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I have to say, when I received an order for a t-shirt from Marsha, I was so excited! My very first out of the country order. That is the selfish, excited, business side of me. But, then I checked my email and found that she had also submitted a story. Not all of my customers feel compelled to do so, and that is completely fine. It is however, the entire foundation of When Life, so it is always great to see one pop up with an order, because usually that tells me that there was something about their purchase that resonated with them. That is what makes my heart swell with not only excitement for them and the fact they just probably released a burden onto paper (or online, but you get it), but also for those of you that read the stories only to find you aren't alone in a situation. 

Marsha, in her story, I could tell was a passionate business woman. She is a Life Adversity Coach, Author, and Speaker. She coaches and mentors people to make physical changes in their bodies and emotional transformations in their lives. Marsha's mission is to be a difference and inspiration in the lives of others so they see and believe in themselves regardless of their life adversities. 


But, why? I knew there had to be a why. There is always a why. So, I dug a little deeper. You see, what I found out is that Marsha was unknowingly, in the beginning of her career, in training for her own life battles while providing training to others. Huh? Let me back up...


Marsha spent 22 years as a Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer. She was coaching and mentoring others to examine their thoughts, beliefs, habits, and actions, never knowing she was laying the groundwork for what was to come.

And just what was this storm brewing in the background? When someone asked her if she saw it coming, her response was, "Not in a million years". Teen substance abuse.


After all this time of coaching and helping others, where was her coach and mentor? Where?? She turned to every place she could think of, from schools and the police, to other parents...and it was one dead end after another. Marsha experienced frustration, exhaustion, and financial, business, and health challenges. All the years of helping people overcome some of the same feelings, she was now using those tools to navigate a seemingly impossible road of her own.


Marsha took her "lemons" and decided that her story, message, and her process needed to be shared. She has made it her life goal that no parent should ever have to feel alone during this often messy and chaotic process. She empowers families to release the anger, guilt, shame, and blame that often accompanies this journey. She reinforces that despite the chaos, parents have to also care for themselves in order to care for their children battling substance abuse. Marsha, is all things I envision When Life to be. She has taken this terrible situation that could easily give someone the green light to slip into a helpless depression and looking it straight on, says no you do not have to allow this to consume you. 

"Drug abuse is robbing kids of their identity, who they are meant to be and of everything that they can accomplish in their life. Drugs are stealing kids of their youth, their development, and of their gifts they were meant to share with the world. It is tearing families apart while they work desperately to find a solution, some glimmer of hope and create change". - Marsha Vanwynsberghe

Marsha is a mother who openly shares her journey through teen substance abuse and the path to finding her clarity, confidence and voice in order to love and live again. Her first book, "When She Stopped Asking Why" will be released in the Fall of 2017. She also offers one-on-one and group coaching as well as life changing workshops for women. Her next workshop called, "The Inspired Life Project" is October 22, 2017 in Cambridge, Ontario. You can find tickets through Eventbee by searching The Inspired Life Project.


Reach out to Marsha at www.marshavanw.com, or on Facebook and Instagram. Her site is absolutely stunning and such an inspiring place for parents who are struggling with teen addiction to find peace and comfort that they are not alone in their journey of healing.


Thank you so much Marsha! You are such an inspiring woman!


Much Love,




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