When Life - He Has Kept Me Close

I have been so blessed in my life to feel God's presence close to me - even as a little girl. I could easily "sense" His Holy Spirit guide, praise, nudge or cause me to reflect on my actions and change ~ apologize ~ forgive~ so I could continue to be close to Him.  I love the peace He gives. I am in bliss with His love.  I am overjoyed that one day, with His grace, I will see Him face to face. He has kept me close.

One of the reasons I feel I have been so blessed in this way is because of the example my earthly father showed me while growing up. His piety, compassion, kindness, generosity and humor embodied what I thought God must be like, as a little girl.  Since it was so easy to talk to and be with my father, I felt very comfortable talking to and being with God.  It was second nature for me to pray and listen quietly for His wisdom and insight.  My father taught me this.

Like everyone, my life has had its share of difficulties despite my faith.

I have always known that God doesn't stop us from experiencing "life," but our free will can place Him at the center of the chaos, and we are spared through His grace with the strength we need to get through the difficulties.  I leaned on His grace through the death of a sweet childhood friend from a rare brain tumor, through my best friend's death from AIDS, and raising my two tender-aged children through the wake of their father's suicide.  God's grace has absolutely spared me. He has kept me close.

Something unexpected happened to me though when my father died.  I didn't "sense" God's Holy Spirit when I grieved and prayed.  I didn't feel a nudge or any type of guidance.  There was just silence. 

I made a little shrine for my dad by placing a picture of him, his rosary, and his ring next to a candle and lit the candle in prayer.  Again, silence.  I felt despair and confusion.  Why didn't I feel anything anymore or "hear" quiet encouragement any longer?  A light went out inside me and I was in a very dark place for the first time in my life.

Eventually, I shared my feelings with a wonderful friend who told me about the healing properties of essential oils and encouraged me to try some to help me with my grief and depression.  I must admit, I was cautiously optimistic.  I love perfumes and lotions and know that scents bring up memories and so on, but I wasn't sure about the healing aspect of the oils.  



I did a little research to determine which oils to buy and realized there are actually spiritual oils listed in the Bible for their healing and therapeutic properties.  I made a rudimentary blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, Hyssop, and Spikenard.  I read that Spikenard was the oil Mary poured on the feet of Jesus so I couldn't wait to try it!

I went back to my father's shrine and added a few drops of my simple, little blend to the candle, lit the candle and prayed.  I prayed for my father's spirit, the friends of mine who have passed, and the father of my children.  I prayed for other people in grief who can't find their way out of darkness...I prayed for inner peace and hope in Christ's Resurrection.

I smiled when I realized what had happened to me.  I was being nudged, encouraged, and praised by following His guidance to bring me back to Him, no matter how I got there ~ even in the darkness ~ even in the silence.  Again, He has kept me close.

This experience led me to formally study essential oils and I became a certified aromatherapist with a specialization in biblical oils.  I have created blends for times of joy and celebration, times of welcoming new birth, times needing healing, and times of grief.  When I layered these formulations with prayer, I realized how the ritual of doing so deepened my prayer and reflections.  

With further encouragement and nudging, I launched an entire product line of candles with biblical oils and prayer called, Cher Dieu (Dear God)!  The candles reflect these various times in life with pairing formulations and prayer to support and uplift the spirit.  Just as "To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven", Cher Dieu's oils and prayer support and uplift these most meaningful times in life with:  A Time to Love, A Time to Heal, A Time to Be Born, and A Time to Mourn.

It is my hope that Cher Dieu will help others during times of silence and darkness to feel God's presence nudging, guiding, praising and loving them along their way back to Him, no matter how they get there.  To help them know He is keeping them close

Submitted by: Mary Meyer

I can personally vouch for how beautiful and meaningful each of Mary's candles are. I chose the "A Time to Be Born," and absolutely love it. I was so moved by her backstory and her "Why" behind her business that I couldn't wait to share it with you. 

For more information about Mary and Cher Dieu visit her website HERE or on social media HERE

Love and Lemons,


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