When Life Gives You Your Spoken Word

July 2016


Dear Melinda,


You have no idea how suppressed you are. You are holding on to this dream that things will get better in this career, but My Dear, they are not. And you know they are not.

I know what you are going to say, "What will I do without childcare?" "What will I do for money or how will we make it?" "How is this going to work?" "Why won't I be able to stay on part-time?" "Lord, why are things changing?" That isn't for you to worry about, and I will be so glad when you finally realize that.

You won't see how I am working on you until you leave. I set everything into motion well over a year ago, you just haven't put two and two together yet. But, the signs have been there.

Let me show you.

Look around, nothing is the same here at work. The place that once gave you life, now drains all that is left of you. You have no voice there anymore. No matter how much you want to grow, and how much you want to let your creativity out to attempt progress or improvement, it isn't going to happen. No one is listening. No one wants to hear what you have to say, but never fear, I planned it this way. I need your voice to be suppressed right now.

Not sure if you've noticed the small comments here and there from those who help you with your children. I know you are worried that you will have no one to help you care for them, but I am taking that from you, and I need you to just allow me to do this.

I know that you feel something is happening just by the way you feel when you drive in to work each day, listening to the songs that though I don't necessarily approve of, show you what I am manifesting in your life.

You are suppressed. You are suppressed mentally, physically, creatively, and emotionally.

When was the last time you wrote anything? You used to love doing that. When was the last time you cried? Do you even remember? When was the last time you slept? When was the last time you poured your heart and soul into something and was acknowledged for it, as opposed to asked to sit back and say nothing? When was the last time you used YOUR voice to an audience that listened or cared? When? You won't be able to remember. It's okay, I know. I remember. And it has been too long, my child.

Do not worry when you break those chains. Walk away and I promise your voice will never be suppressed again. I will give you an audience that wants to hear what you have to say. You will be the voice for others. You will provide a safe place to those who have suppressed their own stories. You will laugh and you will cry. Yes, you are going to cry, a lot, because I am placing you in a very humbling position. It is humbling to have the privilege of having others pour their heart out to you. Never take advantage of that or forget it. You will also have an outlet for your creative spirit. I know you still have inside of you.

You will sleep again.

Suppression is no way to live. You have not been living for years. You have become an expert in going through the motions. With no emotion. You will be free, if only you let go.

You will finally begin to see what I have seen for you all along.




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This was well written thank you for sharing

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