When Life Gets Deep

I remember my siblings and I playing in the woods multiple times before we ran up on this very deep and perfectly symmetrical area in the ground that had been hollowed out. We could never climb down into it for fear that we would never make it out. I remember us freaking out over it once we found it and had conjured up many a horror stories within mere minutes. 

We knew this had to be something big and who knows maybe even some kind of reward attached to it. This very well could be our ticket out of here. We could buy a big house back in the suburbs and this dusty ol' nightmare would be over. Maybe this is something that police have been searching for and here we have found it right in our own backyard!



We collected ourselves and got our story straight. Then we ran to get our parents to tell them about the possible crime scene we discovered. This was going to be huge! Like reward and I'm out of here huge! We probably needed to go ahead and shower and get ready for our television debut. They were skeptical at first but we finally convinced them to follow us to the area that was about to be cornered off in police tape. "C'mon guys, really, they said?

Their response was far from what we were expecting. They were hysterically laughing at the giant septic tank hole that was left from some previous owner of the land we now called home. Not a grave, crime scene, no reward to buy a house back in the suburbs again, no television interviews, nothing...nothing but a giant $h!t hole!!! Par for the course for around here, I'd say.




When Life

Haha! We really thought we had something “BIG”…but ummm no!


Ahhhh crap!! Literally. I was so excited. Didn’t think it would be your ticket outta there but was at least hoping for some old ones. Ya got me!!

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