When Life - Freedom to Walk Away

You are the creator of the life you want.

Just two years ago I started creating and building this dream life I’d always wanted. After losing my job unexpectedly I was so lost in what my purpose was. I was devastated. Shocked. Embarrassed. I never thought that would happen to me. I’ve always had a plan, and I can tell you unemployment wasn’t in my plans.

And that uncertainty was HARD.

I immediately started looking for another job. But none of the opportunities either paid enough or gave me the flexibility or leadership I desired. For 6 months I worked a million different kinds of “jobs” to just earn some money. I used my network. I dipped my toes into freelancing, and it gave me the confidence to aspire to do this full time.

I ended up accepting a new full-time job, and my plan was to work that job, build up my business for a year and then feel confident to do it full time. But God loves to laugh at our plans #amiright? 

The day after I launched my first business, Fast Follow Co, the CEO called me into her office and told me I either had to take my website down or I couldn’t work there anymore.

I walked out.



I was scared to death. I had just been out of a job for 6 months, what was I thinking?

I was thinking of me. And my future. And it was the push I needed. I hated that corporate job I took anyways. I was micromanaged to no end. Scolded if I was 10 mins late, without considering I stayed an hour extra the day before. The pay was 20% less than I made in my last corporate job. Plus, the work just plain sucked. I wanted flexibility. Freedom in my time and hours and days off. I wanted to be responsible for my success. My growth. Not an “annual review” or standard salary increments. While it was the scariest thing I’d ever done; it was WORTH IT.

I can’t imagine not having taken that leap. While I’ve learned A LOT over the last two years, I’m better for it. I launched another business working specifically with entrepreneurs as an online business manager, and I now am aiming to make multiple 6 figures this year.

I love my clients. I love the flexibility I have. I love the freedom this lifestyle has given me. I love continuously learning, growing and challenging myself to grow to that next level. I’m confident I’m building my legacy. And while it’s taken grit, determination and a whole lot of faith, I’m so thankful and grateful for the journey.

Whatever it is you desire in this life, go after it. You’re the only one responsible for the change. You’re the only one who can create the life you’ve always wanted. Don’t wait. Don’t let fear stop you. I promise you it’s worth it.


Submitted by: Katelyn Hamilton

Thank you Katelyn for sharing your awesome entrepreneurial journey! You can learn more about Katelyn here: https://www.katelynehamilton.com/links

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