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Happy LOVE Day!!!!

I hope that today is filled with all the love you can imagine. A Valentine can come in form of so many different people (or fur babies) that I wanted to know who YOUR Valentine was.

I shared in several posts that Chris, my husband, was my Valentine. I would normally say my kids BUT this past year has been hard. Very hard. And, I think he's helped, supported, and loved me unconditionally while I have navigated the scary waters of building a brand. I could not be any more grateful!

Today, we are celebrating YOUR Valentine! I asked who and you all showed up and gave me some incredibly sweet answers. Let's jump right in and shout out your special loved ones.


Lynn Bishop - Ollis Ireland is my Valentine! He's my rock that has always had my back for the last 21 years. I would not be where I am today without him!


Tiffany Cato - Ethan is my Valentine because he is leaving me soon to go off to college and I'll miss telling him to take out the trash fifteen times a day! :)


Holly Goodwin - Trey is my Valentine because he doesn't mind driving everywhere! I hate driving!


Caitlin Elizabeth - David is my Valentine! We originally met at my best friends wedding in September 2016. We really didn't think much of each other, but I started following him on Instagram, because duh! Haha! (He claims I stalked him and wanted him the moment I laid eyes on him - insert eyeroll LOL!) Fast forward to December, my best friend and her husband threw their first Christmas party, and I ran into David once again. This time we totally hit it off and had a great night together! He asked for my number and asked my out on a date...and the rest is history! We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary January 30, 2018!


@ketonutritionthenaturalway on Instagram says she met her husband on the freeway! How crazy is that!!!



Cathy Braden - Steve is my Valentine! He does laundry, helps clean, and has helped care for my 91 year old mother for the past 2 years without once complaining. 


Candi King - Seth is my Valentine because he understands that I would rather have Chinese takeout in front of the T.V instead of going out. Oh, and he does the laundry! That should probably be number 1! :)


Tammy Boyd - My son Tyler is my Valentine. He is an absolute gift from God. Total miracle. At 5, he knows no difference in anyone and hugs everyone he meets. He's the Hug Machine! He's smart and inquisitive. I wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't been blessed with the gift of being his Mommy. The best Valentine I could ever hope for!


Amanda Norris - My husband would be my Valentine. He is a wonderful husband and a great father to our son, Mason. He works very hard at his job. He had achieved being on the SWAT team, hostage and negotiations team, and also a SGT. I am very proud of him! He puts his family first. I could not do it without him!



Alannah Delgado - I have had the same Valentine's Day for 13 years now and every year I'm lucky to say that. Happy Valentine's Day to my husband, joint filing spouse for federal tax purposes, baby daddy, and built in best friend. I love you!!!


Erin Connors - My Valentine is my husband Phil. Not only has he seen me through my worst and toughest days and stuck by me, but he is my very best friend. He is the best father to our 2 kids Mia and Ty and the greatest husband in the world. I am one lucky girl!!! 


Neda Khalilian - Mine would be my husband, John. He quietly covers for me when I'm way in over my head and never looks for recognition. I wouldn't be able to do half the things I do if it weren't for him. He also knows to hand me the remote whenever I sit next to him to watch T.V. ;) 



Aren't these the sweetest!? Thank you to everyone who participated! I enjoyed reading everyone's responses and sharing with the world who it is that you LOVE!

I hope that you all have a wonderful Love Day! 

Love to all of you!


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