When Life Casts a Spell of Unrequited Love

If you have ever had your heart broken, then you will be able to relate to this raw and open letter of a love lost. 

Not sure if you caught one of my recent posts where I mentioned that I get asked A LOT "how long does my story have to be", but in case you missed it here is what I had to say:

This is YOUR story. There are no set rules. The only thing I ever ask is just keep the language around PG13. Sometimes the story is long, then sometimes it's 140 words but packs so much emotion that's all that is needed.

Case in point.


To the man who had me at Yadkin,

He had old time country music tobacco roots, but wore a façade of drunken stylish edge.

When I looked at him, my mouth could not speak and my eyes filled with feelings that he could not hear.

Instead of truth, he screamed silence. Instead of response, he failed to consider. 

I lost myself and my worth through every excuse I made for the ways he hurt me. 

How disappointing it was to touch your hand so many times, for so many years, yet never be able to touch your heart.

The spell of unrequited love is not a beautiful love lost. It is not romantic. It is ugly, pathetic, and cripples a perfectly open and vulnerable heart.

This experience brought me peace and the ability to be strong enough to joyfully love myself.


Peace and unconditional love,




There are real people behind these stories. Jennifer and I met on social media and immediately hit it off. She had told me on more than one occasion she wanted to share a story. One day, she was ready. She was nervous, but ready. It was a weight on her heart and mind, and it needed to be told and shaken off. 

Sometimes the only way to move forward is to share your story and feel like it had been put in a bubble and let go. To float away and watch as it slowly vanishes. Having just enough time to say goodbye, but not enough time to run, jump, and be able to catch it and bring it back. That is what she needed to do.

To heal. To move forward. To heal others and move them forward.

That is the power of a story, no matter the length.




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