When Life Breaks Your Heart - Customer Submissions

I was really excited to write this post because it felt so personal, like having a conversation with your best friend kind of personal. 

I had been debating about whether to write an email to my subscribers asking for them to reply back with an answer. I know how those emails usually work... You see one from a company, you either open really quick to see if there is a coupon or something, not open it, or duuuuuhhhleeete!

But, how often do you actually get to reply back and talk to a real person who actually read your response and wrote a personal email back? I would guess not too many.

I love email. I use it to communicate to some of the most important people in my life. So, that got me to thinking...I need to be using email better with my customers. They are scattered all over the world and now I get the privilege to be in their inbox! Yes, there will always be coupon codes, but I want it to be something more meaningful. I want to have conversation. And so here we are...

I wanted to know what was on your minds, particularly when it comes to having or having had your heart broken. I was nervous to push that publish button because all I could think of was what if no one responds? I was not disappointed. 

First, thank you to everyone that shared what was on their mind. I had the most wide range of answers; from hilarious to, well, heartbreaking. I am only using initials because I completely forgot to ask if it was okay to use names. Yikes! I'm only human right! 

In no particular order here are all of the answers submitted on What Breaks Your Heart:

1. Hate - P.S

2. Racism - D.V

3. Alzheimer's Disease - R.W

4. When someone eats the last Oreo - C.B

5. My Parents - K.L

6. My Daughter - A.W

7. Hatefulness - C.B  *I saw this answer a lot unfortunately :(

8. When Starbucks doesn't make my coffee with love - M.B

9.  When I had to teach a child in my classroom how and what an apology was - H.G

10. Wanting cereal but only having expired milk - H.B

11. Poverty - N.S

12. Every time I go to McDonald's the coffee machine is broken - C.L

13. Goodbye - R.S

14. Hungry children - Y.M

15. Autism - L.B

16. Being hateful and unapologetic - A.H

17. Neglected children - K.D

18. Cancer - R.B

19. When dayshift eats all the food and doesn't leave nightshift anything - L.C

20. Watching those videos of military families being reunited - C.E.B

21. Child abuse - C.K

22. Mondays - R.C

23. My dad walking out on us - P.B

24. All the hurricane victims - H.L

25. Ben Affleck as Batman - B.B

26. Children with cancer - M.W

27. The rate of suicide - D.W

28. When people disrespect our military - S.E

29. Shopping for jeans - M.C

Wide range of answers, huh? But, they are all individual and unique. Some might say I should have left out the light hearted or funny ones, but I look at it like that was how someone was feeling at that point and time. To be honest, I can relate to a lot more on this list than I would like to admit, including messing up my Starbucks order, to children with cancer, Autism, hate... I see them all relevant. 

Thank you to everyone who participated! Since, it was such a success, I am sending everyone a little gift :) Not much, but a little something to get your story going *wink wink*


Happy writing loves,

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I think you’re helping people to ‘think’ again! I love your creative efforts and always look forward to what you have to say! Loved the article…

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