The Why Behind The When Life Blog

Most blogs probably don't require much of an introduction as to what all it's about. It's pretty obvious when you are reading a food or a Mommy blog, but what should you expect from a blog by a storytelling company? Well of course stories, but as you have (hopefully) read up to this point there is a little more going on.

There are several different exciting elements that comprise the "Stories" section, or the blog section of the When Life website. For me, there were four main topics that I found to be important to touch on. My hope is that you will find something between the relevant and high-quality content When Life posts that you will connect with. I first and foremost wanted to spotlight our customers stories. As they come in, you will find that a lot of them will be highlighted in the "Stories" area. You may find that I add to, or comment along with the story to emphasize the points that may resonate best with our customers. At times, I may post article reviews about the power of storytelling as it relates to different areas of your life.

I also wanted to make sure that I shared stories about When Life and its development and growth; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Starting a business completely clueless can be humbling, inspiring, comical, and at times a complete disaster. I like transparency, so you'll get lots of behind the scene stories. I truly believe your childhood and background influence the directions you take in life. I also feel strongly that often those same instances are turning points in which you decide you will not go down the same path that you came from.

My childhood shaped who I am today, and partly why I ended up going into business for myself. I not only saw my parents struggle financially; I also saw them be very creative and inventive in making money for their family. I was surrounded by entrepreneurs growing up, some more successful than others, but regardless being around people that have the traits that are required for jumping out into the world of business was very inspiring. It's only now that I can see that. I wish that my grandparents were still here to teach me some pointers. On top of that, I have my own personal experiences, financial and otherwise, that influenced my decision to begin my own start up. I think it is important to share pieces of my childhood during the toughest financial years for my parents. With that being said, you will find pieces written reflecting these times. I hope you get a good laugh at them while reading like I did reminiscing and writing them out.

Lastly, I have full on embraced the life of an entrepreneur and am absolutely loving every single second of it. Yes, you work very hard and often longer hours than most people when you are starting out. Yes, people think I have fallen off the face of the Earth since I decided that When Life was my fourth baby, and that she was what experts might call a high maintenance child. But I love it. I think that there are so many untapped creative individuals who are needed in the world of business in all levels and I want to encourage those people that are even remotely considering it. That's why you will find posts regarding the world of entrepreneurship and encouraging you to follow your dreams in all areas, but chiefly regarding your career. Whether it is incorporating storytelling into finding your life's passion, creating a storytelling resume, or just presenting articles that encourage you to have the confidence to put yourself out there; I want to help you share your stories and grow as an individual in many ways that you thought were impossible. With the right team and support system, all things are possible!

Encouraging and loving you all every day,

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