Vampire Venom Margarita

The combination of this exotic fruit along with the deep rich "blood" color, can be all the rage at your Halloween Bash this year! Just a few simple tweaks and the classic margarita becomes a dark and sexy party cocktail, perfect for the blood thirsty vampires, ghosts and ghouls to feast on.

The recipe below makes two, but bulk it up and add club soda or your favorite seltzer and put it in a beverage server, with multiple slices of blood orange floating (and maybe even a few floating vampire's teeth, and you have the perfect party signature cocktail!



The Fixings:

1. 1 ounce White Tequila

2. 1 ounce Grand Marnier or Cointrueau  - personal preference as to which you choose

3. 3 ounces fresh squeezed blood orange juice

4. 2 lime wedges squeezed

5. 1 tsp Simple syrup or honey




    Shake vigorously in a cocktail mixer with ice.  Rim glass with Hawaiian Black Sea Salt (or if you prefer sweeter, you may use black colored sugar) and pour cocktail over ice. Garnish with a slice of blood orange and any Halloween inspired decoration of your choosing such as a plastic spider or eyeball tipped cocktail stir.

    Be creative with it and have fun! If you want to have some more fun with it you can pour the cocktail into some test tubes or blood vials (vinegar vials) and use them as Blood shots! You can find them on Amazon or at your local apothecary or health food store.



    Submitted by: The Beachy Diva Life or Melissa Potts Kutchek (MPK)


    I saw this recipe on my friend Melissa's site and wanted to share it with you!

    I thought it was so festive and perfect for Halloween. Plus, I thought she did an awesome job making it so pretty too!

    You can find Melissa on her Wordpress page called, "The Beachy Diva Life," mpkthebeachydiva on Instagram, or find her on Facebook as Makeup, Mindset, and Margaritas with MPK #thebeachydiva. She is so fun to follow!

    Thank you Melissa for allowing me to share this with everyone! Happy #feedthesoulfriday and Cheers to you!



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