Loaded Potato Soup

This is a total comfort food for sure. Even though it is still almost 100 degrees here in Alabama, it is Fall in my mind! 

The Fixings:


1. 7-8 potatoes - washed, and peeled. Now, you can use several types here. A lot of people use just the plain baking type of potatoes, and if that is the case, usually 5-6 are plenty. I personally use red potatoes, and since they are smaller I do use the 7-8.

2. 1 stick of butter

3. 1 small onion chopped

4. 1 cup of French onion dip. I'll be honest I only use Barber's, but I know that isn't available everywhere, so whatever is your favorite brand.

5. 2 cans of cream of chicken soup

6. 2 cups (or more) milk





1. Wash, peel, and chop up your potatoes into cubes.

2. Boil until they are soft but not mushy. I usually add a little salt to the water.

3. Once they are done, drain and leave them in a colander until ready to use.

4. Using that same soup pot, sauté the onion with the butter until tender.

5. Add the dip and the soups.

6. Mix well on the stovetop on medium heat, stirring in your milk. 

7. I say 2 cups of milk, but sometimes it takes more and sometimes less to get the consistency that you want in your soup. 

8. Add your potatoes back in. 

9. Let simmer for about an hour to an hour and a half. Keep stirring to make sure that all the soup and dip have mixed well together.

My family loves this recipe! We usually add some sour cream, chopped bacon, pepper, and Colby Jack cheese on top to make it the "loaded" potato soup :) 


This recipe can however, be modified by using low fat soups and skim milk. I will say I have never modified it, so I can't say that it will taste the same.


I hope that your family enjoys this simple soup as much as mine does. It really is a cheat version of a harder dish. My grandmother passed this to my mom who passed it on to me. 


Hopefully we will see some Fall weather soon because eating this when it's 750 degrees outside just doesn't give me the same feeling.


Lots of love,

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