Feed The Soul Friday - The Beachy Diva's Sassy Mrs. Santa-gria

This week's Feed The Soul Friday is brought to you by none other than Melissa from The Beachy Diva Life.

Do you remember the spookylicious Vampire Venom Margarita she shared with us back in October? Well, she is at it again with this gorgeous Mrs. Santa-gria! A perfect holiday drink that can be served with OR without the alcohol. 

Mrs. Santa-gria? 

Oh My...You Sassy Girl, You!


'Tis the holiday season! Holiday cocktail parties galore and with that brings the opportunity to WOW your guests with a new cocktail creation.

So, why not bring a couple of all time party favorites together and give that Champagne cocktail a bit more SantaBaby Sass

For this recipe, I personally used a Prosecco due to its hint of sweeter side and leans towards an apple taste on the palette anyways. Paired up with the tartness of the Pama Pomegranate Liqueur, it gave it the perfect balance to the drink. 

For an appetizer suggestion, I would recommend Prosciutto wrapped melon balls, Asiago stuffed mushrooms, or a simple tomato bruschetta. My favorite of course is a Brie topped with some apricot preserves and simply placed with apples and crackers.




1 favorite bottle of Prosecco

1 bottle of Pomegranate Liqueur such as #PAMA

1/2 Granny Smith apple - thinner slices

1/2 red apple (of your choice, I used "Pink Lady" for mine) - thinner slices

20-30 red of green grapes, halved

Mint to garnish

Optional - 1 small bottle of cranberry juice

Optional - Pomegranate seeds



In a glass pitcher, mix 1 bottle of Prosecco and 3-4 ounces of pomegranate liqueur, and stir generously.

Add the halved grapes and the apples slices.

Refrigerate for approximately 1-2 hours (or longer, but not longer than 12 hours).

If pomegranate is too tart or too dry for your taste, use 5-6 ounces of cranberry cocktail, and replace the liqueur. This will still serve as a refreshing substitute!



Pour 4-5 ounces of the mixed cocktail in your favorite sangria glass, mason jar, or even just a stemless wine glass. Garnish with fruit such as apple slices, cranberries, or grapes. You can also drop a few pomegranate seeds in for a depth effect. Finish off with a fresh sprig of mint and ENJOY! 


Non-alcoholic version:

Simply add your favorite non-alcoholic sparkling wine or even club soda will do the trick, no liqueur of course, and use cranberry juice instead. It is just as delish! 


**Photo courtesy of Google Photo**

Thank you to Melissa for sharing this festive and beautiful recipe. You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram. Or at www.melissapottskutchek.com.


Happy Holidays,



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