Feed The Soul Friday - Apple Pork Spray

Apple Pork Spray

This week I have another recipe that is super easy yet still packs a punch! As everyone is gearing up for the last hoorah of Summer and most likely a BBQ (especially down here in the South), I figured now would be a great time to share this little BBQ hack.

The Fixings:
100% Apple Juice
Mix apple juice and water in equal ratios and pour into a spray bottle.
Spray your pork, tenderloin, or ribs every 20-30 minutes while on the grill.
THAT IS IT! The meat comes out very moist and doesn't have an "appley" taste like you would think. There are several variations of this spray online. Some have mixed or added vinegar or beer to the apple juice/water combo too. Either way, this is just one more recipe that you just can't mess up :)
Happy Grilling!

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